Beat pet obesity with automatic feeders.

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Did you know that 20 % of the pet population in America is obese? These statistics have been taken from the Pet Obesity Study which was conducted in 2010. It is a major problem, considering how majority of the American population is struggling with obesity. The main reason causing this problem is the negligence on the side of the pet owners.

Most people think that feeding their pets huge amounts of food is enough to keep them healthy. People are either feeding their pets too many times a day or putting too much food in the bowl so that they get constant access to food whenever they are hungry. Now the problem is, owners do this because it is the easy way out. Nobody wants to keep feeding his or her pet every few hours. We have better things to do.

Now there are two simple solutions to this. The first is to both research healthy food and healthy portions for your pet. However, we all know that is simply not possible for several reasons. So the second, most accepted option is to buy one of those popular automatic feeders that will do all the work for you. It is said that the demand for these automatic pet feeders are increasing every year as they offer a great way to keep your pet fed with minimal intervention. Depending on how sophisticated you want your model, they are sold between $30 – $100. Market reviews show that those models priced around $50 are some of the best because it offers both affordability and quality.

Since having an automatic feeder comes with many benefits, more pet owners are purchasing this device even when they are home most of the time. The latest model even teaches the pets how to feed themselves. This may seem like it would defeat the purpose but most feeders actually dispense only a few pellets at a time.


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